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Scattered across various cultural heritage institutions at the University of Michigan, the Philippine Collections consist of roughly 20,000 items including manuscript collections, published works, maps and atlases, art, photographs, ethnographic objects, human remains, and thousands of animal and plant specimens from the Philippine Islands. The Collections offer an extensive, though difficult, record of the Philippines’ history, cultures, and people.

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Background Image: Walter W. Marquadt Collection, Bentley Historical Library

Many of these materials were collected and brought to the University as part of the U.S. colonial project in the Philippines, beginning in the late-19th century. To learn more about how the University of Michigan was complicit in the colonization of the Philippines and the experiences of Filipino students at the UM, please explore “The Philippines and the University of Michigan” exhibit.

Efforts to remediate harm and develop culturally-responsive models of stewardship for the Philippine Collections are ongoing at the University of Michigan. The collections continue to evolve through scholarly exchanges and collaborations at U-M, such as the Reconnect/Recollect project.

Explore the Collections by Format

Browse collections of historical photographs, cultural objects, archival manuscripts, and more from across the various University of Michigan repositories. Access links to online databases to search for materials on your own.

A group of people transporting a house in the early twentieth century Philippines


Historical photograph collections, including digitized photographs.

An indigenous helmet

Cultural Objects

Archaeological and ethnographic materials, including textiles, weapons, containers, and more.

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Archival materials including diaries, correspondence, and organizational records.

A collection of shell specimen

Other Materials

Natural history collections, maps and atlases, and published materials.

Museums, Libraries, and Archives

Learn how to connect with University of Michigan repositories and the Philippine collections they care for. Find visitor information, links to repository websites, and relevant research guides.

The front of a large building

U-M’s Research Museums Center is the home of several U-M museum collections that house Philippine materials.