Maps And Atlases

A hand drawn map from the late nineteenth century

Map of the area of Manila and Laguna de Bay, August 6, 1899. William L. Clements Library. University of Michigan Library Digital Collections.

Clark Map Library

The Clark Map Library collects maps, atlases, and reference works from all parts of the world, including the Philippines.

Most are only available to access in person. You can search for materials from the Clark through the library catalog:

William L. Clements Library

The William L. Clements Library holds a large collection of hand-drawn and printed maps of the Philippine Islands, with a focus on the 18th and 19th century.

A few noteable items in their searchable cartographic collection include:

Published Material

U-M Libraries

The Southeast Asia Collections

The Southeast Asia Collections include both western language and indigenous publications relevant to the Philippines with a particular focus on the humanities and social sciences. The collection also includes materials from Thailand, and Indonesia, and Vietnam. A selection of Philippine texts from the Southeast Asia Collections are accessible online as part of The United States and its Territories, which comprises the full text of monographs and government documents published in the United States, Spain, and the Philippines between 1870 and 1925. The primary focus of the material is the Spanish-American war and subsequent American governance (approximately 1898-1910). You can search the digitized materials, or browse a list of subjects included in the collection.

The Philippine American History Special Collection

The Philippine American History Special Collection includes serials, pamphlets, and books from the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Tagolog, Spanish, and English representing both U.S. colonial and Filipino authors.

The Labadie Collection

The Labadie Collection includes both published and unpublished documentation of American activities in the Philippines and the protest movement during the Marcos era.

Philippine Newspapers on Microfilm and in Special Collections at Hatcher Library

A list of Philippine newspapers on microfilm held in Hatcher Library and some of the newspapers available in the University’s Special Collections

Martial Law Materials at University of Michigan, Hatcher Library

A list of newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, newspapers, and other publications available at Hatcher Library produced by organizations and individuals opposed to Martial Law in the Philippines.

Bentley Historical Library

The Bentley Historical Library holds a collection of published works in English, Spanish, and Tagolog pertaining to the Philippines spanning the 20th century, mostly related to American occupation and U.S. politics.

William L. Clements Library

The William L. Clements Library holds published works about the Philippines from the 16th century onward, with a concentration in 20th century American materials related to the Spanish-American War and American colonial government.

Natural History


Collected in 1874 on Mindanao by J.B. Steere, this holotype of the azurebreasted pitta constitutes the model specimen on which the identity of the entire species rests. UMMZ birds 24962. Photo credit: Richard Barnes.

The Museum of Zoology

Many zoological collections have not been cataloged and must be accessed on-site.

That said, you can search the Museum of Zoology’s online databases for Philippine collections by division:

  • Birds: Search the Bird Division’s online catalog using VertNet.
  • Fishes: Access fish collections online here.
  • Insects: As of the summer of 2019, approximately 10% of Insect Division holdings were catalogued. You can search their online databases here.
  • Mammals: Currently, the Mammal Division’s collection is accessible online through GBIF, iDigBio, and VertNet.
  • Mollusks: The Mollusk Division maintains an online Specify database, and also lists materials through the U-M Library online catalog. Learn more here.
  • Reptiles & Amphibians: Researchers can search through various databases maintained by the Reptile and Amphibian Division, including audio files, photographs, and field notebooks.

The Herbarium

The Herbarium holds thousands of plant specimines from the Philippine Islands. Learn more about their collections and search their online databases for digital records and images of the collections.